Saturday, August 9, 2014

S3 with strong consistency

We use S3 extensively here at Korrelate, but we frequently run into problems with it's eventual consistency model. We looked into working around it by using the US West region that has read-after-write consistency, but most of our infrastructure is on the US East region and moving it would be a lot of work. Netflix has a project called s3mper that provides a consistency checking layer for Hadoop using DynamoDB, but we really needed something for Ruby.

Since we also have a lot of infrastructure built around Redis, we decided to use it for our consistency layer because it's very fast and has built-in key expiration. The implementation is fairly simple: all writes to S3 also write a key to Redis with the etag of the new object. When a read method is called, the etag in Redis is checked against the etag from the client to see if they match. If they do, the read proceeds as normal. If they don't, an AWS::S3::Errors::PreconditionFailed is thrown. The client then decides how to handle the error, whether that is retrying or doing something else. If the Redis key is nil, it is assumed the data is consistent.

In practice, it's never more than a second or two to get consistent data after a write, but we set the Redis key timeout to 24 hours to give ourselves plenty of buffer without polluting the the DB with an endless number of keys.

This is still incomplete because it doesn't cover listing methods in ObjectCollection like with_prefix and each, but it's a start.

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